Worx WG575.1 WORXAIR Review

WORX WG575.1 WORXAIR Leaf Blower / Sweeper / Cleaner


worx 5751 worxairThe WORX WG575.1 WORXAIR Lithium Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner is a battery operated cleaning system designed to clean, clear, sweep and brush leaves, dirt and debris packing a respectable 120mph blower. With a multi-purpose design, this system is not only perfect for quick cleaning jobs, but can be used to inflate mattresses, toys, and other inflatables and deflate them quickly and efficiently. It can also be used to dry windshields and project areas without the need to move items. Without the need for struggling with cumbersome cords, the product can be taken virtually anywhere. The blower is powered by a 32-volt lithium battery which can typically be charged up within 3 hours. Once charged, it can be used for as long as twenty straight minutes before recharging is necessary. The product works well for providing a clean zone around doorways into the home or RV, ultimately keeping your home or RV cleaner inside without tracking of leaves and debris by pets and family members. Versatile, lightweight and compact, this cleaning system can be used for cleaning the home, garage, patio, RV or boat.

Ease of Use

Users overall found the Worx WG575.1 WORXAIR to be lightweight, easy to charge and handle, with the ability to store in a relatively small space. They found the best uses for the product to be light jobs such as blowing off dust and leaves from the deck, walks or stairs or cleaning out the garage. One user was pleased with the ability to blow leaves from flower beds without disturbing existing mulch. Another reviewer appreciated that the unit kept the leaves and debris at ground level. Users found that the use of a battery to be convenient without a need for mixing gas and oil, doing hard starts and the inconvenience of having to do yearly maintenance. Others expressed an appreciation for the accessories, indicating the attachments were good for uses such as cleaning off cobwebs and outdoor furniture. Consumers indicated the longest they could use the unit on a charged battery was about 35-40 minutes. Women especially gave the product rave reviews for its ease of use. Some even touted the product as “tools for women” or referred to themselves as “Worx girls”. One user purchased the unit for her 86-year-old mother to clear pine needles off her walk and her mother uses it daily without assistance. Another has an 8-year-old use the appliance for cleaning in weekly chores.

Comfort & Quality

The product received mostly positive reviews for quality. Most who commented on quality indicated it was sturdy and well-built and for the rest, the quality of the unit was not brought up as an issue of concern. A small few felt the attachments did not fit well together and the product felt cheaply made. In terms of comfort, users generally appreciated that they could clean their spaces without struggling with a cord and found this to be one of the best features of the product. It was noted by several reviewers that another of the best-featured benefits of the product was that it had a low volume level and it was not loud enough to disturb neighbors. The unit is not noisy like many other leaf blowers and this was found to be a major plus compared to other blowers. In addition, because the WG575.1 is powered by a battery rather than gas, the unit does not expel of a lot of exhaust.


At a light weight of 4.1 pounds, some users found the Worx 575.1 WORXAIR to be so small; claiming it was almost “toy like”. However, the majority approved and appreciated of the unit’s compact size and weight, so that it could be used by anyone, including smaller statured people, those with disabilities or senior citizens. Some users noted they were unable to use other multi-system cleaning systems as they were too heavy to operate, so found the light weight of the product to be one of its best features.


Reviews were generally very positive about the reliability. Most found that the battery charged quickly and once charged, the blower worked well for its intended purpose. Some noted that they felt the battery didn’t last as long as they would have liked, referencing 30-40 minutes, however, WORX does indicate the battery is good for up to 20 minutes between battery charges. Some users found the product would weaken in power as the battery charge diminished. However, the general consensus was that the power was as advertised and the blower worked sufficiently for intended purposes. WORX products, in general, were referenced as being reliable. Several users own other WORX products and indicated they trusted the brand and would buy WORX products again due to their reliability.worx 5751 worxair attachments


The chief complaint about the Worx WG575.1 WORXAIR amongst users was a lack of blowing power. Many reviewers indicated some disappointment that the product did not replace their gas operated leaf blowers, like the Husqvarna 150BT. But, for those who understood the intended purpose was for light jobs and not heavy ones, the unit functioned as was advertised. The light weight and convenience made up for the fact that it was not a replacement for gas operated blowers and their ability to handle large jobs. WORX does not advertise or purport that the unit can replace gas powered units for heavier jobs. The power level is ideal for patios, garages, long driveways and small sidewalks. In fact, 120mph blower speed is on par with other leading battery-operated leaf blowers, like the Black+Decker LSW20.

Best Applications

The majority felt that the units best applications included lighter jobs including blowing off driveways, walks and stairs and light clean up on grass. There was a central theme amongst all reviewers that this product is good for light jobs only. Some users found the drying feature handy for drying nooks and crannies in their vehicles after washing. Other users were impressed the WORX WG575.1 WORXAIR leaf blower’s ability to remove pet hair from crevices like baseboard vents. The unit was not seen as the best choice for heavier jobs including wet leaves or heavy debris. The chief complaint of reviewers appeared to be related to the blowing power and battery length. Several users indicated the unit did not have enough power for their needs and believed their gas blowers were able to handle more jobs for them. In addition, several users indicated that the battery and charger needed to be replaced long before they thought was necessary. Some noted that lack of power was worth the price to pay for an environmentally friendly product. The unit would not necessarily be a good fit for professional jobs. Professionals in landscaping may have to utilize two different products for industrial sized jobs. Best applications would indicate residential uses would be the best fit.


The Worx WG575.1 WORXAIR retails for $119.15 as of this writing (price subject to change) at major retailers. Cordless blowers retail in the $75 to $140 range, with the main distinguishing factor being the battery size. Battery sizes generally range from 20 volts to 40 volts for cordless blowers. Replacement batteries currently retail at $74.56 new. Users sometimes found they needed a second battery because the unit battery did not last long enough for their needs. With the purchase of the second battery that can be charging while the leaf blower is in use, users could complete larger size jobs in a reasonable time. The tradeoff with not dragging cords around the yard was a good one for most users. This product lands somewhere in the middle for all cordless blowers based on price, battery size, the length of use, and overall value. Based on overall reviews, the price was not brought up as a concern. We at ReviewCasa feel the Worx WG575.1 WORXAIR leaf blower is a solid value given all the attachments that are not found in this sweeper’s competition. Largest concerns appeared to center around the lack of power overall and a short battery life. However, the general consensus was that the product delivered on its promise for light cleaning jobs and blowing off dust, debris, and dry leaves. Based on this culmination of reviews, the product is a good value for the money when used for its intended purpose.


worx 5751 worxair leaf blowerThe Worx WG575.1 blower/cleaner/sweeper comes with a 3-year warranty from date of purchase if the product becomes defective due to faulty materials or workmanship. To make use of the warranty, customers must register online at worx.com within 30 days of purchase and mail the warranty registration card found in the original packaging. Upon receipt of this information, the manufacturer will do one of the following:

  • Repair or replace defective parts
  • Repair the defective unit
  • Replace the unit with a new or reconditioned unit

The manufacturer offers a toll-free helpline and a live chat agent is also available on their website. Issues with the warranty did not appear to be a factor in overall reviews.

Product Specifications

  • Item Dimensions – 8 x 7 x 20 inches
  • Item Weight – 4.1 lbs
  • Manufacturer Part Number – WG5751
  • Manufacturer Warranty – 3 years
  • Model Number – WG5751
  • Shipping Weight – 7.8 lbs
  • Voltage – 32 volts
  • Airspeed – 120 mph with 80cfm airflow
  • Manufacturer – Positec/Worx


Long Tube- With a long design and a narrow opening, this attachment works best for clearing debris from garages, patios, decks, and porches. Its length prevents the need for constant bending.

Dust Brush – This attachment offers a 90-degree wand with an airbrush and is perfect for cleaning outdoor and window frame tracks. It can also be used to clear out cobwebs from corners of the porch or garage and can be used to clean out crevices from patio furniture. It is the best attachment for cleaning out hard to reach areas in boats or RV’s.

Short Tube – This shorter attachment provides a strong blast of air that is perfect for quick cleanups. The best uses for this attachment include cleaning out tents, campers, boat hull compartments, table tops, porches and patio steps.

Extension Hose – This attachment is best used when flexibility is needed or for tight spaces. It is also the attachment used for inflating or deflating air mattresses and inflatable toys. It provides easier setup and tear down for camping or other outdoor excursions.

Dust Nozzle – The dust nozzle attachment is best used for a thorough clearing out of dust from workspaces, tool box drawers or toolboxes. Attached to the extension hose, it is the ideal attachment for clearing out tight or hard to reach areas.


Given the number of attachments, the WORX WG575.1 WORXAIR leaf blower is easily one of the most versatile blowers/cleaners/sweepers on the market.  Because it is battery-operated with a 32-volt battery, consumers get average power, longer than average battery life, and extensive attachments increasing product versatility. We highly recommend the WORX WG575.1 WORXAIR for light garden and yard jobs, and for general clean up.

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