Husqvarna 150BT Review


The Husqvarna 150BT is a top performing commercial backpack air blower. It sets itself apart from the competition with high-performance, ease of use, and an excellent design. With a sticker price just under $300, this leaf blower is a great buy among commercial backpack blowers. Overall, we really liked the Husqvarna and found that it was well-suited for normal to heavy use in commercial settings

husqvarna 150bt


The Husqvarna 150BT is a gas backpack blower featuring a 2.15hp X-Torq engine that moves air up to 251mph and can move 434cfm. The 150BT achieves speeds of up to 251mph through the use of a restrictive tip, which is not included with other Husqvarna models. This restrictive tip increases the air pressure in the hose, speeding up the air to 251mph, allowing you to remove particles from tight places (such as driveway cracks). When the restrictive tip is removed, the 150BT is fully equipped to move large volumes of air at up to 434cfm allowing you to easily clean surfaces of leaves, small sticks, and other debris.

The 150BT comes with Husqvarna’s patented X-Torq engine. According to Husqvarna, the X-Torq engine combines an efficient design with excellent air flow. Husqvarna further states that the unique design of the X-Torq engine allows it to be up to 20% more fuel efficient than other competitor’s engines and to have reduced emissions by up to 60%.

One of the features that we particularly like was the mounting of the X-Torq engine.

The engine is mounted on the shell with rubber isolation mounts. This design isolates the engine vibration from your back to increase comfort while using the blower over long periods. The vibrations are further dampened through the use of a mesh shell that is quite effective at isolating vibrations from your back.

Additionally, the Husqvarna has a large gas tank which allows it to run for hours at a time before refilling. This allows you to finish large jobs with a single tank of gas.

In designing the 150BT, Husqvarna designed a product to ensure your comfort while providing all of the features necessary to get the job done.


The Husqvarna that we received was well packaged and required some minimal assembly. Like most blowers, the hose had to be attached to the blower. When assembling the backpack leaf blower, we found it difficult to attach the hose to the ½ inch output port. A slightly longer connection would have benefited this blower but overall the assembly was straightforward and fairly quick. If you are a first time user, this process may take a few moments to make sure that you have connected the hose securely. All in all, we found that the assembly was similar to other commercial blowers.

Left-handed users will notice that the handle on the 150BT attaches to the right side of the engine. Though this is ideal for most users, left-handed users may experience a small learning curve. Unfortunately, the handle cannot be attached to the left side of the engine to better accommodate all users. For Husqvarna blowers, the letters in the model will tell you whether the throttle is situated on the left side of the engine or the right side of the engine. “BT” models attach to the right side of the engine. “BF” models attach to the left side.

Husqvarna 150BT Backpack 2

Ease of Use

This leaf blower provides a high-level of comfort and usability. Among commercial blowers, the Husqvarna 150BT leads the pack in terms of comfort and ease of use.


Before we had received the 150BT, we were somewhat concerned about the weight of the blower. The blower weighs approximately 22.5lbs. Smaller blowers weigh less but the smaller blowers also compromise your performance. we were happy to find that the additional weight was not an issue and that the backpack design properly distributed the backpack’s weight.
In our use, we found the performance of the 150BT to be worth the additional weight. Though it weighs more than some of the smaller blowers, we found that the strength of the blower allowed me to complete our work more quickly and was overall better than the lighter blowers we have tried.

When compared to other 50cc backpack blowers in its class, the 150BT actually weighs slightly less (though this weight difference is negligible).

The most important aspect of the backpack is the weight distribution across your back. Fortunately, the ergonomic backpack on the 150BT did a good job of distributing the weight evenly and comfortably.

If you’re looking for something lighter and more convenient for personal use, something like the Black+Decker LSW20 or the Worx WG575.1 WORXAIR may better suit your needs.

The Handle

The handle that comes with the 150BT has a trigger throttle, kill switch, and a cruise control. All of the controls were well laid out and easy to use. The throttle is feathered allowing for a high degree of control over the blower. If you are familiar with other handles, such as the Ergonomic handle found on other Husqvarna models, it should be noted that they are not available on the 150BT.

We personally preferred to use the cruise control rather than the feathered trigger. We found that it was easier to just set it and forget it. We do not enjoy holding triggers down for extended periods of time so we appreciated the cruise control.

Overall, the handle was comfortable and user-friendly but we prefer the feeling of the ergonomic handle found on other models. The 150BT has an ergonomic backpack with air-intake holes. These holes pull air around your back, providing you with built-in cooling while operating the blower. We found this design to be extremely useful while using the blower in the summer.

The backpack itself is thickly padded and comfortable. The arm straps are removable so you can replace them when necessary. Last, there is a hip strap that can be used to significantly increase the backpack’s comfort during extended use. A chest strap would have been a nice addition to the backpack but the absence of a chest strap does not significantly affect the comfort of this well-designed backpack. Overall, the backpack is one of the most comfortable backpacks we have worn and allowed us to wear the blower for hours at a time.


One of the features that sets Husqvarna blowers apart from its competitors is the blow-molded frame. The Husqvarna 150BT features a heavy duty construction that will withstand real-world treatment much better than other plastic blowers.   The strength of the frame gives the impression that this model can withstand real-world treatment that would crack other blowers.

Hose Length

We found the tubing to be well-positioned for our bodies. Our main tester is approximately 5’7” and never experienced a situation where he had to change our body position to operate the blower. If you are significantly taller, you may want to consider a blower with a slightly longer hose.

Starting the Blower

The Husqvarna 150BT features a pull string starter with a choke switch and an air purge (purge primer). It is important to check the manual to ensure that you have the choke in the correct position. The return line is visible when priming, so it was easy for me to see when there was no more air in the line. After priming the engine and checking that the choke was in the right position, we were able to start the blower on the second pull.

Husqvarna 150BT engine

Filling the Tank

The gas tank is positioned on the bottom of the backpack with an easy fill nozzle. Like most things on the Husqvarna, the backpack was designed with real users in mind. We found that the gas tank was well positioned for easy filling and we had no problems with the tank.


The Husqvarna 150BT comes with a 2-year residential warranty but qualifies for an extended 4-year manufacturer warranty if you do not use for commercial purposes.

Initial Impressions

When we put on the blower for the first time, we found the ergonomic backpack to be extremely comfortable and supportive. The air flow was immediately noticeable and provided additional comfort while using the blower.
We began our day testing the blower’s ability to remove small debris such as leaves and rocks. To do this, we began without using the restrictive hose. We were immediately impressed with the power of the blower and its ability to easily blow large amounts of debris from our yard. The blower had no difficulty moving large objects and leaves with ease. The high volume of air moving through the blower is obvious to the user. It produces a great deal of air flow and has no problem cleaning large areas quickly. Though we have not tested the blower on snow, based on our initial impressions, we assume that the blower will be able to clear driveways quickly during the winter months but do not expect it to replace a traditional snow blower.

Next, we tested the blower’s ability to remove objects from tight spots. We used the restrictive hose on the Husqvarna 150BT to easily clean rocks from our driveway. We were surprised with the blower’s power and ability to remove the rocks that were lodged in our driveway’s cracks.

Throughout our use, the air flow along our back was very noticeable while using the leaf blower and managed to keep our back cool despite the summer temperatures. We were quite pleased with the comfort of the backpack as well. The design of the Husqvarna 150BT is second to none.

While using the blower, we were able to clear our yard without refilling the tank. This was refreshing because it allowed me to get the job done quickly without having to stop and take a break.

Additionally, the fumes from the blower were negligible while using the blower. Before using the blower, we were concerned about the exhaust fumes but was pleasantly surprised by the lack of fumes throughout the job.

It should be noted that the blower, like all blowers, is loud, so ear protection is essential. Additionally, eye protection is essential when using a commercial blower.

Overall we have no reservations about recommending the Husqvarna 150BT backpack blower.

Final Impressions

After using the blower for two weeks, we were surprised that we never struggled either with the weight or with individual pressure points from the backpack. The ergonomic design held true and provided me with a level of comfort that allowed me to easily complete the job.

Husqvarna 150BT Backpack Leaf Blower 2appreciated the large tank that allowed me to work without refilling the tank. With other blowers, we have had to remain upright toward the end of the job so that the engine could get the gas on the bottom of the fuel tank. we have not had this issue with this blower and have never had to position our bodies in an unusual way to get the blower to work.

Unlike other blowers that we have used in the past, we did not have a tingling feeling in our backs after working with the blower. Additionally, we found that the cooling features of the backpack made the job a little less difficult than it otherwise would have been.

The blower was able to clear small sticks, pine cones, grass, dry leaves, and wet leaves from our yard with ease. As expected, the performance of this blower was excellent. The 50cc engine has more than enough power to clear the debris of various sizes.

Competing Products

In comparison to similarly priced backpack blowers from Echo and Stihl, the 150BT stands out for its design and slightly superior performance. In our testing, we found that the Husqvarna 150BT’s ability to remove stuck objects, such as rocks, was superior to either the Echo or the Stihl. We did not experience a noticeable difference when clearing objects like dry leaves.

Second, the quality of this blower is immediately apparent when placed next to the Echo or the Stihl. With the Echo, in particular, we have been worried that its frame simply will not hold up through extended commercial use. The 150BT, on the other hand, is rigid and should have no problems in commercial settings.


The Husqvarna 150BT is retailing at competitive price-point. Given the number of included features that this blower has, we consider it to be a great buy among commercial backpack blowers. The power, performance, and design are outstanding for a blower at this level.

Conclusion on Husqvarna 150BT Review

The Husqvarna 150BT gas blower is a great buy among commercial blowers. It comes with extensive features that are designed with the user in mind. The design allows you to comfortably do you work. Additionally, the blower has the power that you would expect from a 50cc engine. With the included attachments, the Husqvarna 150BTwas more than capable of clearing stuck objects as well as general debris. We highly recommend this blower as a best buy among commercial backpack blowers.

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