Black+Decker LSW20 Overview

The Black+Decker LSW20 leaf blower is a convenient, small, and lightweight blower perfectly suited to light or moderate yard work. Its cordless capabilities make the LSW20 easy to use, eliminating the need to dig out cumbersome cords and cables. The LSW20 features a rechargeable 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery and can be used effectively for lighter tasks.   Most of the customer reviews of this product on express warm satisfaction.

Black+Decker LSW20 Side

However, the few complaints seemed to center around two things: customers’ dissatisfaction with battery life, and the lack of wind force of the sweeper. If the task is greater than a half-hour or so, the 20v lithium-ion battery tends to run down. A backup battery could be implemented, or this blower could be the perfect tool for light to moderate yard work. So if you’re expecting a massive, turbo-charged behemoth capable of delivering gale-force hurricane winds, we recommend checking out our Husqvarna 150BT review. The Black+Decker LSW20 leaf blower is by no means a hi-octane powerhouse gadget capable of blowing away lawn furniture or small children, but if you’re looking for something quick, quiet, and easy, then look no further. We think the LSW20 was a great leaf blower for the price, so read on for our full review.


Analysis & Findings

The Black and Decker LSW20 is a cordless, lithium-ion powered sweeper intended for use clearing debris from hard surfaces such as garages, walkways, driveways, decks, and patios. We found that this blower is a great choice for the most “bang-for-your-buck,” since it boasts the same features as some of its pricier counterparts. We love the $77 price tag, and the lightweight and entirely maneuverable construction. The LSW20 is powered by a 20V Lithium-ion battery, which has a longer lifespan and holds a charge better than NiCad batteries. That being said, the battery life isn’t endless, but luckily recharging the LSW20’s batteries is very easy. The Black & Decker LSW20 is also ideal for someone looking for a less “heavy duty” leaf sweeper. Sure, traditional “corded” blowers are more powerful, but they come at the expense of convenience.

Black+Decker LWS20 Front

Additionally, this little blower possesses a certain subtlety. The LSW20 is going to blow away grass clippings, but not the violets you just planted. When purchasing a leaf blower, perhaps the question must be asked: do I need a jacked-up monster truck or a Civic? We found that the LSW20 was a great option for those looking for an alternative to clunky, cacophonous leaf blowers that won’t break the bank or twist the wrist.

20V Lithium-Ion Battery

The convenience of a rechargeable battery is one of the most attractive aspects of the Black+Decker LSW20 leaf blower. Lithium-ion, or “Li-Ion” batteries last longer than NiCad batteries, which don’t perform as well under extreme temperatures and cannot be recharged as often. Li-Ion batteries also don’t suffer from “memory loss,” a problem with NiCad batteries which causes them to hold less of a charge as time goes on. The Li-Ion battery in the LSW20 lasts for long enough to blow out a garage, driveway, porch, and deck at full power before losing its charge. For any job bigger than that, it may not be a bad idea to purchase an extra battery. You can bemoan the relatively short battery life, gnashing your teeth or shaking your fist at the heavens, demanding “why?” of the cruelly indifferent battery Gods, or you can be proactive, or at least glad it’s not a NiCad. The Toro and the Greenworks blowers feature similar batteries and a similar loss of charge issues. The 20v Li-Ion battery life may prove unsatisfactory for more involved projects, but the LSW20 is a wonderful leaf blower for those who don’t want to spend their entire Sunday mostly sober, doing yard work, and not watching TV. If you truly find yourself needing a long-lasting battery, the Worx WG575.1 WORXAIR may be a better fit for you.

Black+Decker LWS20 Battery

Cordless Battery Leaf Blower Advantages

Black+Decker LSW20 UsagePerhaps the greatest appeal of the cordless, battery-powered blowers is the lightness of design and subtlety they exhibit. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been woken from a sound sleep on a weekend by a leaf blower? That red-hot feeling of murderous rage that blossoms like a poisonous thorn in your heart as you realize that your peaceful Saturday morning slumber has been shattered, nay, carelessly ripped asunder by callous suburban-dwelling morning-calm violating sociopaths? Now flip to the other side of the equation – that’s right, no one wants to be “that guy.” Luckily, with the advent of quieter leaf blowers like the LSW20, you can have your yard work and not wake up the whole cul-de-sac. We found that the Toro, the Greenworks, and the Black+Decker LSW20 were all quiet, lightweight, and easy to handle leaf blowers. However, there is a fine line between lightweight and easy to use and cheap or poorly made. In the tale of “Goldilocks and the Three Leaf blowers”, the Greenworks was “too big,” the Toro was “too much plastic,” and the LSW20 was “just right.” Again, don’t expect any of the battery powered blowers to out-box any of their corded counterparts, they just aren’t in the same weight class. But there’s something to be said for the ease and immediacy of a machine that you don’t have to plug in and then haul around your yard while it emits a noise louder than the war cries of a horde of Tusken Raiders and belches forth noxious clouds of acrid smog.


When compared with the competition, we found that the Black+Decker LSW20 had the most to offer for the lowest price. It has all of the features you could desire in a cordless, battery powered leaf blower, at a competitive cost. Perhaps the only drawback to this machine is the somewhat limited battery life, but if you have a smaller yard or patio, this aspect presents no problem. The Li-Ion battery is easily rechargeable and will last longer than a NiCad battery-powered tool. Additionally, the quiet and lightweight design makes for a nice alternative to the heavy-duty, fume-belching, apocalyptically-loud corded blowers.

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